miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

¿Quién usa Linux? Vademecum de: famosos, organizaciones, empresas, hackers,...

Seguro que ya sabes que muchos profesionales usan este sistema operativo, pero en este artículo trataremos de profundizar aun más y haremos un listado de organizaciones, celebrities, empresas y otros personajes famosos que han declarado ser usuarios de Linux. Si te intriga saber quién lo usa, no te impacientes, la lista completa la tienes aquí:

  • FAMOSOS: el actor Stephen Fry, el creador de Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, el empresario e informático Mark Shuttleworth, el escritor de ciencia ficción Cory Doctorow, el actor Jaime Hyneman, Kevin Mitnick, etc.
    • Informática, electrónica y nuevas tecnologías: Novell, Wikipedia, Google, IBM, Panasonic, Cisco, AMD, Sony, Nokia, Advanced CLustering Technologies, All-Linux Shopping Mall, Alexander System Inc, Aptia, BitMover, Bowen Byte-Wise Computers, Centaur, Craftwork Solutions, CRYPTOCard Corp, Dataforge,  Database Systems, Fishbone Solutions, Flipside Technology, Greencomputer, IndyBox Systems, ixoft, Jet Infosystems, Kaiwal Software, Linux Central, Linux Holdings, Linux Laptops ltd., LinuxPPC, The Linux Store, Linux Systems Labs, LiSA Consulting, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Numerical Algorithms Group, Nurulfikri Cipta Solusi, ON Target Systems, OpenSource-Berater, PREMHARDY, Promox Systems, PSSC Labs,  Quality Software Solutions, Red Hat Software, REvolutionary Software, RHR Software, Sangoma Technologies, Step One Group, SuSE GmbH, Technology Associates, Tuxtops, VirtuFlex Software, Warped Systems, Wescom, WOrkGroup Solutions, Amazon, BroadQuest, Deja News, Domain Host Services, Enixus Pte Ltd, LinuxSalute Solutions, Match.com, Netscape Communications, NuRelm Web Design and Marketing, Ov Moving Entertainment Ltd, TUCOWS.com, Siemens, Intelligent MEMS Design, BoomRack, DarkLight Systems, FMJ/PADLOCK Computer Security SYstems, Remstar International, VisuAide, AbiSource, Anteil, Aurora, BeFree, Better Acces, BK SYSTEMS, Bluesine Consulting, BRowserCRM, Byte Design, CCR Innovación, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Computer Analysts & Recovery Experts, Computer Science Services, Cymitar Technology Group, Datapat GmbH, Deepwoods Software, DRIVE-Systems, Drivesoft, Dxtra, Dynamics EDV-Consulting, e-smith, e-Zest Solutions, Electron-Age, ELektrondata AB, Emit Sp, Enhanced Software Technologies, Event Software Incorporated, Executive Consultants, Funcom Osio AS, GBdirect Ltd, The GGI Project, Golden Retriever Corp, eData Technologies, I/S LiquidCom, Image Integration, Integrated Technologies Corporation, Intekron, Internet Business Development SL, Internet Security Systems, JDH Technologies LLC, JumpStart Systems, Knox Software, Linux Canada Inc, LinuxForce, Lunatech Research, Hitachi ID Systems, Main Street Softworks, mimic IT, Mind nv, Moretime Information Technologies, NatureSoft Private Limited, Nesbitt & Associates, Netdigix Systems, Orcim Technologies, PAC Software Engineering, Pacific Northwest Software, PimenTech, Prangya Technologies, Proformatique, Porgi-Pac Enr, Proven Software, Pybiz, QualSoft Services, RaptorHead, Realtime Software Solutions, Seattle Software Labs, Shalaka Technologies, Sigmer, SISA Software, Softcraft Impresa, Software Builders, South Coast Software, Srishti Software, Starcom Software, SysNet, Syspark, TalentSoft, TIS Software, TomorrowSoft, Toolshed Technologies, Tummy.com, Empresas Tuxpan, UCS Group Limited, Unique Systems, Vtiger, WebMaster, Wiresoft Net, Wolfram Research, WyattERP, Wyoming Financial Information Systems,  X Inside, X Engineering Software Systems, etc. (incluso algunos servidores de la competencia, como los de Apple y Microsoft, también lo utilizan).
    • Internet y telecomunicaciones: BFI Quartier, Byte Craft Sdn. Bhd., C&B Consulting, Clear View NV, Completo Technologia, Convergence.com, Cottonwood Computer Solutions, CoyoteData Security Limited, Cybersource Pty Ltd., DataSoft Corp, FoNet, Free-it.org, FrontLine Data Systems, GoldenSun Internet Consulting & Research, Hall Technologies, I3 Icube Srl, Informatrix Ltd, Inter7 Internet Technologies, Interactive Electronic Design, iOpen Technologies, iNsu Innovations, Internation, Jolly Computations, Lacus Technology, Linux OpenSource Mexico, Linux-Systemhaus Karsten Schulz, LRW.NET, Magnifix, MagusNet, MAKO Blatna, Mimic IT, MATRIX Information Technologies, Microtec Electronic, Moongroup Consulting Incorporated, Montage IT Services, MostlyLinux, Net Direct Inc., Network Nuts, New Age Consulting Service, NorilTech Consulting, Norrix Associates, Opensys Sistemas Abiertos de Mexico, Pacific Image, Pantek Incorporated, Pervasive Netwerks, Pitrich Information Technologies, RealTech System Consulting, Real Time Enterprise, Sandhill Solutions, SevenC Computing CC, Siam Relay Ltd, Softcraft Impresa, Symbio Technologies, SysNet, Telyse.net, Unified Technologies, Valley View Microsystems, VisionIT, Yacme SRL, YieldTech, WebJack.com, West Philadelphia Network, Worldmachine Technologies Corp, Local Net Solutions LLC, International Messaging Associates, abSPACE, AGEDNA, Air Virtual Internet Solutons, Asylog, Belgacom Skynet, BokNet, Computer Design & Repair, Creanet, Cybernet, CymruNet, Dataplus, Datasphir Solutions Limited, Datasync, Denali Computer Systems, Denish, DownCity, Dragonstar, E-Znet Incorporated, Emit SP, Erielink, Generation Eight, Gippy's Internet Solutions, H3D Communication, Hampton Roads Online, Helicon On Line, Hex.Net Superhighway, Hostize, iConnect Corporation, IN*KA e.V., InfiNet, Internet Aktiv KEG, Internet Discovery Ltd, Internet Presence Inc, LaRed ISP, Leighton Internet, Llama Communications, MartNet Communications, Navigo, NET-AT-WORK GmbH, Netmar, NetNation Communications, New York Connect.NET, On The Verge, Preferred Internet Inc, Preferred Internet, Profileheaven, The Reference, Saint John Free-net, Software Builders, Solution - The Computer People, Sonoma.Net, Sunny ISP, Telnet Canada Enterprises Ltd, US Micro, ValiNet, WaW, Web Point Communications, Web Warehouse Ltd, WT.net, XCalibre Communications, Zymurgy Systems, Century Computers, CII Industrielle SA, Digital Video Systems, The Electric Company de Nueva Zelanda, McLeodUSA Telecommunications, MessageNet Systems, RTV Regional-TV Services GmbH, SpellCaster Telecommunications, TechLink Telecom SENC, US West, etc. 
    • Automoción: Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Ford, DMS, Debis Systemhaus, AutoNation, Boeing, Travelocity, Toyota Motor Sales, Ferrari (supercomputador de simulación CFD),  Amara Raja Batteries, Collins Aikman Automotive, Transtronics, etc.
    • Aeroespacial: E.S.A. (Agencia Espacial Europea), NASA, Virgin America, Alenia Aerospazio, Northrop Grumman Corp, Aerospace Parts International, The Boeing International, etc.
    • Servicios y consultorías: Companies Made Simple, UKCorporation, Bryan M. Johns & Company, Bufete Consultor de Mexico, Piensa Technology, Cambridge Data Systems, Citrus-Lime Limited, CMO Waasland, CMY Systems, DB Experts, e-Zest Solutions, Eurogaran Informática SL, Modulo Consulting SRL, Mind NV, ProjektStyrning AB, Science Applications International Corporation, STEP Infotek A/S, THALIX, Vaisala Ltd, Bendor Research, Fluke Corporation, Medonic AB, Group Aullox, etc.
    • Manufactureras: Tetra Pak Grafobal, Morrison Industries, V&L Tool, Zentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks, MM Forgings Limited, Perceptics Corporation, ROSCO/Entertainment Technology, HMM-166, etc.
    • Moda y complementos: Tommy Hilfiger, The Leather Collection, etc. 
    • Instituciones de investigación y educación: A3IP Electronic Research & Development, Aguinas College, California Institute of Technology (CalTech), Universidad Politécnica del Estado de California, Chari for Technical Thermodynamics, Department of Cartography ETH Zurich, Departamento de informática de la Universidad Göteborgs, The D. Y. Patil Group, Fachhochschule Mannheim Institut fuer CAE, Fuller Theological Seminary, GLACIER, Global Knowledge, Henry Ford Community College, Linux Learning Centre, Methodist Ladies College, Universidad de Nazareno, Colegio Público Millbury, escuelas públicas andaluzas, New Zealand Forest Research Institute, Practical Advanced Technology, Tata Institute de la India, SINTEF, Studio of Arts and Sciences, Takoma Academy, Tanstudio Dreuw, Universidad de Tecnología de Tejas (Departamento de Física), Universidad Nacional de Tucuman, Universidad de Botswana, Universidad de Rio Grande, Zentrum f. Europ WIrtschaftsforschung GmbH, etc. 
    • Ingeniería y constructoras: Artisys, Beacon Maritime, Chipworks, Control Systemtechnik GmbH, CustomWare, Data Flow Systems, Diplan GmbH, Fuss & O'Neil, Gulf Interesate Engineering, IBT SA.NV, Ing. Friedrich Bauer, Kärnkraft Säkerhet och Utbildning AB, Lumic Electronics, MASH Computer und Softwareservice, MCH Konsulting Sweden, Optim Microwave, Quester Tangent Corporation, Rachana System and Software, The Silver Hammer Group, Sony Electronics, SSM Business Corporation, Sulzer Hydro GmbH, Townsend Engineering Services, United Railway Signal Group, MartinEngineering, Com-Steel, Karimbla Construction, Keyline Building Materials, Kurt Eichenberger/architect aia, Rent.com, etc. 
    • Financieras: Anderson Accounting Systems, Banco BNL do Brasil, IBEW Federal Credit Union, Cloudstone Financial Services, First Data Resources/Digital CD-ROM Services, Habib Bank AG de Zurich, Mivtach-Simon Insurance Agencies, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Sallie Mae Inc, SMARTS P/L, 
    • Conoco Philips, Omaha Steaks, New York Stock Exchange, Burlington Coat Factory, Raymour and Flannigan, United States Postal Service,  Agdia, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, etc.
    • Salud: The Alberta Mental Health Board, Biosan Laboratories Inc, Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie de l'Eure, CAMEO, Canadian Medical Laboratories, Dr Reckeweg & Co. GmbH, Garnet Health Systems Corporation, Minoru Development Corporation, Mitra Imaging Inc, Praxis Storath, Priority Mobile Health, etc. 
    • Ley: Sally Bevan, Northshore Process Service, etc. 
    • Comunicación y publicidad: Bent Media Inc, Gannett Media Technologies International, GoodNoise, Grmbl, GSI Technologies, K3 Media Inc., Kiwi Interactif, Larson Software Technology, Linux Today, Mahaffys'Quality Printing, Pacific Digital Interactive, Sony Development, Starizon Technologies, TM Design Communications, URGent Ghent Student Radio, WavePhore WaveTop, The Auto Channel, Byte Magazine (McGraw Hill), Dagbladet Borsen, Base de datos de America Latina, Linux-Magazin Verlag, O'Reilly Publications, Rector Press Limited, Specialized Systems Consultants, Where.com, ZDNet UK, etc.
    • ONGs: Applied Information Management Institute, Beauregard Parish Public Library, Community Information & Referral, The Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club, Federación Europea de Integración, Free Computers for Education, The Green Parties de Norte América, Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, Paradox Inc, OpenConcept Consulting, Departamento de Rercursos Humanos, World Council of Churches, etc. 
    • Petroleras, aceite y gas: ACCEL Services, Asociación Canadiense de Productores de Petroleo, Cloudstone Petroleum Resources, Giant Industries, Mathtech Pakistan, Nafta Gbely, Shlumberger Limited, etc. 
    • Deportes, ocio y viajes: The Calgary Winter Club, Tysbrook Stable, Amadeus Development Company, Intransco, Navtech SYstem Support, SUNSET BEACHC CLUB, Travel Concepts of Atlanta, Turtle Point Marina, Canadian National Railways, TMF Operating, etc. 
    • Tiendas y almacenes: The Bostwich-Braun Company, Buddinge Traelasthandel, Call & Logistik Center GmbH & Co KG, Century Sound & Music Ltd, ECandle, Euroline AS, Golub Corporation, Ibis Books, Ice.com, Jubilee Office Supplies, KFC Tri-state Management, Pacific Semiconductors Inc., Universal Computer Services, Walker Component Group, Watson Foodservice, etc.  
  • GOBIERNOS: Junta deAndalucía, Ayuntamiento de Munich, Casa Blanca, Gobierno de Brasil, Departamento de Defensa de Estados Unidos (DoD), Ayuntamiento de Viena, Gobierno de España, Administración Federal de Aviación de EE.UU., Gobierno de Pakistan, Parlamento Frances, Cuba, Suiza, Macedonia, República Checa, Rusia, Republica Popular China, Administración de la Seguridad Nuclear, Agencia de Securidad Social de Sudáfrica, Turquía, Filipinas, Malasia, Federación Rusa, Ayuntamiento de Largo (Florida), Islandia, Venezuela, US Navy, ciudad de Krumlov, ciudad de Prescott, National Disaster Communication Response Team, National Research Council de Canadá, Oficina de Ciencia y Tecnología de Holanda, Policia del estado de New Jersey, Redevelopment Authority de Philadelphia, Departamento de Policçia del Estado de Santa Catarina, US Bureau of Reclamation, Servicio Postal de EE.UU., U.S. Senate Democratic Leadership, etc.
  • ENTIDADES CIENTÍFICAS: NASA, CERN, Internet Archive, Centro Nacional de Supercomputación en Tianjin (China), ASV Roboat, laboratorio del Colégio Politécnico Federal de Lausanne (Suiza), etc.  
  • Y suma y sigue... CADA DÍA SON MÁS...
Espero que les haya gustado. Únanse vosotros también y sean un usuario más de Linux... 

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